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10/10 E10+ Bobby you should have a hit with this one.
Dennis Payne DJ Hot FM Son FM 106.7 SON FM88 Australia Sonrayasia

10/10 Excellent
Kurt Gabriel DJ Radio Theben, EMCA Radio Austria, Slovakia

Quite nice good vocals
J.W. Brookfield Journalist Pathfinder Magazine United Kingdom

Rather catchy
Kenneth Elliott DJ Radio West Sound Radio South West Sound Scotland

and lot more ...

Music you will want to hear over and over again !!!

10 time 2016 Los Angeles Akademia Music Award Winner!!!



Bobby Smith was honored at the 2017 Akademia Awards Gala in Los Angeles for winning 10 music awards!!! His music has been introduced to the Los Angeles music scene recently. He has hundreds of very good reviews from journalists and radio personnel from all over the world with his former original music which can be viewed on his site. His unique music style with his crystal clear voice mixed with many harmonious background vocals and awesome instrumentation with his own style of "pop rock" arrangements, makes this artist a name to be recognized. He lives in the Tampa Bay area. In his lifetime he has produced 27 song compositions including pop, rock, country, and world beat. His is very versitile singing country as well as the other genres. Most of his music including clips can be found here for simplicity... www.soundcloud.com/bobbysmithentertainment

Brilliant pop rocker and entertainer Bobby Smith taps into a strong vibe to create an original blend of pop rock music with an emotional twist. It's little wonder why his new radio single ‘Why Do You Stare At That Someone’ is racing up the charts. St. Petersburg, Florida resident Bobby Smith is a excellent example of a pop rock artist that elegantly leverages his originality and compositional skills to the service of modern entertainment. His new single ‘Why Do You Stare At That Someone’ demonstrates subtle musical stylings that are sure to appeal to mainstream audiences. This rocker with a performance flair has the right look and the right attitude to become a proper pop rock-magnet and audiences around the world are beginning to acknowledge the fact that a new creative force has arisen. Where will he take it from here? One critic wrote of his award-winning work: ‘Bobby Smith’s sensual and jealous reflections are elevated by his elegant voice and well-constructed melodic instrumental backing.’ We suspect this artist will navigate the future on his own terms, given his obvious passion and musical skills. Independent reporter Alexis Adams recently caught up with Bobby Smith to discuss his music and the interesting path by which he came to it. http://www.marquix.tv/features/BobbySmith1.html

There is a current of old world tension and modern angst captured in the music of Bobby Smith and that energy, as embodied in his debut radio single ‘I'm Still In Love With You’, has got listeners enthralled. It's time the world learned more about this intriguing pop rock artist who has won 10 Akademia Music Awards in just 2016! See his interview here: http://www.marquix.tv/features/BobbySmith2.html

Originally from Cambridge, Mass. Isla Del Sol resident Bobby Smith decided a few years ago to start getting back into music. He started writing, playing, and singing music at the age of 15. During his years of raising his family he logged hundreds of hours in recording studios writing, arranging, singing, and playing his original music...He has used artists that have either toured with or recorded with a lot of major artists mostly as backup vocals in various studios. He established GMI Records International in 1995.

He starts with the melody then writes the music and lyrics along with background vocals to the production. The 6 producers he has worked with did the rest. He recorded over 25 original songs including ccm, pop, country rock, and adult contemporary music. He has had 2 #1 singles and 2 in the top ten on CCM compilation discs originating in London distributed worldwide to various radio stations over a 10 year period receiving hundreds of very good reviews from journalists and broadcasters all over the world which can be viewed on his website. In 2008 Bobby decided to go back into entertainment and learned over 175 songs in his first year. He plays keys, guitars, and sings the tunes with high quality backing tracks with added harmonies and instrumental arrangements. He is learning more songs all the time so he has a huge selection which can be viewed on his website. He is available in west central Florida for entertainment at private parties, clubs, hotels, yacht clubs, and conventions.

In 2009 he recorded Please Save Our Beachs during the gulf oil spill. World-Class saxophone player Rob Kesig from Hologram with well known NYC piano player Kenny Drew added great parts to this unique production by Jody Gray at Prostar Studios in St Petersburg, Fl. His pop/rock production You're Out of Control, a very upbeat arrangement depicting the life of an frustrated couple with added humor received over 11,000 You Tube views. Recently he recorded another pop tune called "I Should Have Known" which has almost reached 12,000 You Tube views. "Why Do You Stare At That Someone" his latest single winning his first of four 2016 Los Angeles Akademia music awards which received hundreds of submissions in different song contests . His music can also be purchased on his website. His latest album is entitled Storybook Diaries.

Bobby also recently teamed up with CBS recording artist Judi Prane who was performing in Las Vegas originally from Manhattan, NYC. and moved here in 2015. He calls his duo “Classy Arrangement” with lots of 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s music. If you need a duo instead of a one man band ...Can do!!

At a drop of the hat Bobby can turn from a one-man-band entertainer into one of the finest wedding and special event DJ's. " I love to DJ, especially weddings because I’m involved in making great memories for lovely brides, grooms, and their families. You have to be on your toes all the time and deal in perfection in this field. You have to know what music and programming to use for each crowd depending usually on ages. So If you're looking for one man band entertainment or a DJ, look no further than St Pete Beach. Bobby is ranked top 3 Special Event and Wedding DJ in the Tampa Bay Area by Gigmasters International out of almost 200 DJ's 5 years straight and was voted most popular Wedding DJ in the United States 2013 out of 2000 DJs based on booking dollars and reviews. Rankings help get jobs, but Bobby say’s "there are lots of good entertainment out there some undiscovered!" "I love to go out and listen to other performers"!


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